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More than 20 years of customized service and expert craftsmanship!

    When I opened Artisan’s Jewelry Designs I wanted to make sure that the business model truly represented the standards of excellence that I had come to respect and believe in during my formative years as a bench jeweler and designer. My aim was to develop a business that not only celebrates the work of talented artisans in a beautiful showroom, but to also provide a workshop where customers can have their jewelry designed, created, and taken care of by a team of skilled artists who they can get to know and trust on a personal level.

    Being able to know that projects are being done correctly is very important to me, which is why most everything we do is done in our Des Moines workshop as opposed to being sent out to a third-party jeweler. In fact, I am personally involved with each and every repair, special order, and custom design project we take on... whether I am over-seeing the work being done or doing the handiwork myself.

    With more than 20 years of service, and more than 30 years of experience as a goldsmith, Artisan’s has developed a strong foundation of relationships with our clients and with the manufacturers and artists that we work with. Even so, we are continuing to develop and expanding the diversity of our skills and the uniqueness of our resources.
    I look forward to taking care of your repair and design projects, or anything else that we might be able to help you with! Please feel free to call ahead to schedule a consultation, or visit us in the Historic East Village.

    - Alan L. Yegge (Owner / Goldsmith / Gemologist)
  Free Estimates.

    It is important for us that you’re comfortable budgeting your next project and understand what kind of work will be involved before sending it back to our workshop. So, whether you’ve got an appointment or are just walking in, we will gladly take a look at any jewelry you might need fixed and give you an estimate on what the price will be and how long it will take to complete your project.

    Every job is unique, so it is difficult for us to give you an accurate price-quote over the phone. Setting up a time to stop in and visit with us usually works out the best!

  Full-Service In-House Repair, Design, and Production.

    The real foundation of what sets Artisan's apart from the typical jewelry store is our full-service workshop. Whether we're setting a diamond or other gemstone into a unique mounting, re-sizing your wedding rings, creating a new piece of jewelry out of an old heirloom, or making something fresh and new from scratch - our metalsmiths and gemstone experts do the work right here in our studio.

    We handle basic watch and clock repairs, as well, and can even make local house-calls for larger grandfather or mantle clock repairs.

    We also work closely with a select group of skilled artists both locally and nationally who specialize in stone-cutting and polishing, gemstone inlay work, 3D-model printing and advanced watch and clock maintenance. If a project does require us to send a gemstone, watch, or jewelry item out to one of our specialists, we make sure that our client is aware of it and we take full responsibility for the care and transport of their items from start to finish.

   Feel free to take a peek into our studio next time you visit or check out a few photos of our workshop here. We often will take photos of our more unique projects from start-to-finish, which our clients can have to keep… just another fun perk for some of the special heirloom re-design and custom design projects! Check out some of our past projects here!

  Our Guarantee.

    Excellence is our standard for customer service, which provides us and our clients with peace of mind and confidence in our quality of work.

    We guarantee that the quality of craftsmanship and of the products themselves, whether we make them or if they are by other artists, will not be defective in any way, as long as they are cared for properly. Because of the delicate nature and high-value of products and services we frequently work with, we are very thorough in helping to explain to our customers proper care and handling of the fine art and jewelry we sell. Click the following link to see our extensive guides on how to care for your fine jewelry and fine art! Fine Jewelry, Gemstone and Fine Art Care Guides.

    We adivise all our customers, and all jewelry wearers/buyers, to have their fine jewelry cleaned and checked annually, twice a year is recommended. We provide a standard clean-and-check service at no charge, which can help keep your jewelry looking its best and can help spot problematic wear and tear before it becomes a bigger issue. Please see our Standard Clean and Check list for a further detail of our complimentary services.

    Artisan's takes pride in the professionalism, skill and creativity of our workshop, so essentially all of the repair, design and craftsmanship we do is done here in our Des Moines studio.

    Even though we guarantee our craftsmanship and the quality of our products, we cannot be held responsible for damage to any product while not in our care. We have cultivated a strong reputation, over nearly a quarter of a century in business, by working hard to ensure our customers' satisfaction!

    For more information detailing our Warranties, Refund/Return Policies and other Store Policies, please read our Guarantees and Policies.

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